Fax Broadcasting
3 Cents or Less

Tired Of Seeing Ads That Promise To Do
 Your Fax Broadcast For 3 Cents?

Next Time Read The Fine Print You only Need To Send Out A Million Faxes To Get That Rate? - Of course your rate is 6 cents to 12 cents ...frustrated! Did you ever hear of the old bait and switch? 

Well, our name says it all...
3-cents or less-- Fax Broadcasting

You will not pay anymore than 3-cents per page. Regardless of the fax time -- it remains 3-cents!! 

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It doesn’t matter how long your fax broadcast takes, our prices stay the same….3 cent per page!!!

Other companies charge on a per minute basis. Why?

Because they want you to design your fax marketing piece to go through the fastest.

But is that what is really best for your company? Is it effective? If they were going to charge on a per page basis and your fax broadcast document took a minute or longer, it would cut into their profits.

Therefore, they charge on a per minute basis. Of course, they will tell you the average price per page but even then, it doesn’t even come close to our guaranteed low price of 3 cents!

We are so confident in our ability for faxes to go out quickly, we decided to implement a pricing strategy to reflect our confidence in the software.

Bottom line, you will reap the benefits in savings

At 3cent-Fax-Broadcast.com, we don’t care how long your fax takes to send. With our state of the art software and hardware from Brooktrout, this ensures the fax documents will go through as fast as possible.

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The reason why our competition can not offer these low rates is because they still have to pay a long distance charge. That’s why many of them will charge per- minute rates.

Our parent company, Network Brokers Corp., has been in the Telecom industry for over 12 years.

Due to our arrangements with all the carriers, we are able to get our long distance rates very low, thereby… passing the savings on to you. 

From our parent company, we had a few fax broadcasting service providers use our telecom company for their long distance charges. When we saw the rates they were charging, we realized there a was big need in this industry for a company to bring low rates with great service.

We researched and made sure we use the best:

  • hardware and software available
  • making sure your documents not only get delivered but get delivered quickly

Save Thousands Or Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars
Off Software, Long Distance Charges And
Hours Upon Hours Of Your Time 

After doing more research, we realized there were not many companies offering customer service and account support. Many of them place the burden on the customer to figure out complicated software so you can upload and send faxes on your own.

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With your busy schedule, you do not have the time to mess with the learning curve and the time it would take to send fax broadcasts yourself. Wouldn’t you rather send an email and let us take care of the rest?

You will have the peace of mind knowing you can send us your documents and knowing they will be faxed out at your desired time.

We know from experience if you have a lower rate
than 3 cents, you are most likely sending
a million plus faxes per month

If we even beat your rate by only 2/10 of a cent
on a million faxes per month, will translate into a savings of......

$2000.  That's $24,000 per year.

What if you are doing this per week?

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If you currently have a rate of less than 3 cents, contact us.

We will be happy to verify this by your current fax broadcast bill and then beat your current rate. 

Call 1-800-500-7615 or contact here to start your fax broacast order.




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