Broadcasting Fax Benefits

  • No minimum requirements
  • 2nd page for 2-cents
  • Free Graphics
  • Increasing Profits
  • Lower Your Marketing Costs
  • Saving Money
  • Growing Your Client Lists

Fax Broadcasting allows you to save over 80% compared to traditional direct marketing methods. Studies show faxes get much more attention than direct mail, which has a return rate of only 2-4% and costs significantly less than the price of a stamp. 

Also, keep in mind that broadcasting fax is a cost effective way of reaching a large target market FAST. It is well documented that broadcasting fax works.

 Now with this tremendous way of marketing your company can:

  • Increases Your Bottom Line And
  • Pay Less Than Traditional Methods Of Advertising

Therefore, you simply pay less for the service to market your product or service

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What about reader response?

Reader response to fax documents is estimated to be 27% higher than direct mail and unlike mail; the fax documents are in the hands of the targeted recipients in minutes as opposed to days, if it even gets delivered at all, or if they even bother to open the envelope.

Increase Profits, Retain Customer Retention, And Save Money NOW!!

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Consider This...

  • Complicated Software To Figure Out --- GONE!!
  • Complicated Pricing Schedules  ----       GONE!

Simply provide us with your document and list
and we will take care of the rest

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Review The Benefits

3-cent fax broadcast offers full service solution for all your fax broadcasting needs

Remember if we don't beat your current price for fax broadcasting,
we will give you $500.00

No strings attached!  We guarantee it

You will have the ability to quickly send your documents to thousands. How?  Our team of specialists is here to serve you. As a result our professional staff will be able to:

  • Send Thousands Of faxes With Ease
  • Personalize Your Documents With Mail Merge
  • We Answer All Removal Request --- Removal Requests Are Honored
  • Provide Detailed Reports On Your Broadcast Fax Project - Smart Business's Track Their Advertising Dollars


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How Much Is Your Time Worth??

Save Thousands Or Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars Off Software, Long Distance Charges And Hours Upon Hours Of Your Time

  • We'll Take Care of The Faxes-----You Run Your Business

Consequently, this will allow you to focus your time on growing and running your business as well as make your employees time more productive thanks to our state of the art Brooktrout software.


Our pricing will be the GUARANTEED LOWEST (no one is lower!!)

Or we will pay YOU $500.00. 

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