Marketing Via Fax
Sell Smart – Not Hard

When it comes to new marketing innovations, you may have heard of fax broadcasting as a means to get a message out to lots of people quickly. However, like many people, you may have developed a limited perspective of what fax technology can really do, and just how significant a benefit it can be for your own business.

If you do a little homework on the current state of the fax broadcasting industry, you’ll be surprised to learn just how sophisticated fax broadcasting systems have become, and you may decide to try marketing via fax for your own business.

Let Marketing Via Fax
Do the Hard Work For You

Marketing via fax can greatly enhance the sales capabilities your company has right now. Fax broadcasting systems no longer deal with just faxes. Nowadays, they also incorporate capabilities for managing other communication forms as well.

For example, systems with a new technology called “unified messaging” can control communications by email, fax and voicemail all within one system. This can be a tremendous relief for an organization where employees have had to check their email, watch the fax machine, and check their voicemail messages throughout the day.

Imagine if you could just look at your computer screen and see your voicemail, email and fax communications all in one place. This is the wonder of unified messaging.

But, you may be worried that fax messaging will be way too expensive for your company because you do a lot of overseas marketing and you’re afraid the long distance fax bill would eat you alive.

Well, don’t worry. To address this problem, the fax broadcasting industry has developed fax broadcasting systems that take advantage of the new internet telephony, which allows phone calls to pass over the internet, rather than over regular phone lines, thereby avoiding long distance charges.

Combining fax broadcasting, unified messaging, and internet telephony in this way can make marketing via fax one of the most affordable means of mass communication of your business message to large, diverse groups of people worldwide.

This is just a taste of the new technologies and innovations that have sprung up in the field of marketing via fax. As you can see, fax broadcasting is not just limited to an ad sent across a fax machine.

It’s part of some sophisticated systems that are available today, both internal and outsourced, which allow the average business person cost-effective access to fax broadcasting technologies. Catch the fax broadcasting craze, experiment with marketing via fax in your own business. The results will amaze you and the new sales will head straight for you bottom line.

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